Discover and experience the world
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Our Mission
To become the worldleading discover and experience platform for curious and openminded people: playful, comfortable, safe, social, experiential.
We are set to entartain and educate all curious and open-minded people worldwide.
The company was established by multi-disciplinary experts, eager to solve complex issues in disruptive ways under our own innovative technological umbrella.
Strong Experience
R&D software and engineering company, started in summer 2015
Advanced Technologies
Building-up innovation expertise in junction of of Artifcial Intelligence, Geo-Informational Systems, 3D VR & AR
Mobile Angels developed set of technologies which
let them launch services very fast.
Mobile Angels Software Platform
MASP is a versatile toolkit for intelligent GIS & VR/AR services development. It can aid development of various real time mobile services and next generation GIS systems by enabling AR and IOT components.
VirtualGeo Component
data treatment, control and admin
Proprietary NavLib library
navigation and gaming components
Data container feature
transfer data for execution by client
Virtual Qu Component
AR gaming scenarios and features
All services developed using MASP platform are tailored to their respective verticals with a strong focus on ergonomics and user friendly UI.
Client/IoT applications based on Mobile Angels Core Box (NavLib + Data Container + Scenario)
Mobile excursions, city and nature site guides/quests
Fleet management solution
Adventure race and fitness training assistance
Edutainment quests; outdoor augmented reality games
Tools for disabled people, remote medical assistance
Mountain guides for skiers and snowboarders
We can digitalize any action on any terrain in weeks.
We provide the solution - smart software for real-time fleet orchestration - any number of vehicles, any terrain or sea, any size of the area. Effective management of simultaneously moving units over big area is still a pain for Oilfield services, Distributed Generation, Power Grids, Utilities etc.
Our server software gets orders, orchestrates resources, assigns tasks and work scenarios and passes them to autonomous intelligent mobile clients organises routing and execution control in real time. The system by itself makes timely decisions and pushes to follow given tasks. Since both parts of system work use they specific algorithmic kernel, all updates go automatically according to current situation and predictions. System is distributed and very sustainable. Every part is self-guided.
SKADI ski guide & quest
World's first real-time skiing adventure game
SKADI is an Official FIS Application
The first live interactive ski navigator
The first ski guide with artificial intelligence
The first ski app for live gaming with AR
Ski Safari tour
SKADI creates personal full day Ski Safari tour with customized routing plans, built according to your personal skills and preferences.
Voice guidance
Hands-free audio guidance in a ski resort. Just plug-in your headphones and follow intelligible audio prompts.
Ski navigation
Just tap on the interesting place or object on the map, get fastest route and Skadi brings you there.
Game AR objects
Convert ski resort to a magic playground! Collect and interact with Augmented Reality objects, add more fun to skiing.
Track all your performance statistics and share them to your friends via Facebook.
Totally offline
Download the resort map and let SKADI do the rest. No data charges. Pre-load map and use the app even without an internet connection.
Start skiing with SKADI
Download the SKADI app for free,
discover its unique features and start your adventure today.
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